Things I want to tell you..

lhqxp1yxc41224698335.png1. I just had to tell you that whatever you may have experienced in the past that has scarred you and made me you feel like you can’t move forward. I want to remind you it’s already in the past and you should be living in the present time, I know it hurts there bit the good news is you are here and you have made it past that part already. Just in case you were letting that hold you back from doing amazing things with your life.

2. I want to tell you that you may been brought up to believe certain things about yourself that are completely false. People made an opinion about you, your body size, how intelligent you were, people tell us these things and we take it literal and know this to be our truth. We even start to live our life in alignment with what other people speak into our lives. It’s time to let that go and let’s get real with ourselves!

3. It’s okay to fail, and we are all just out here trying our best. You want something so bad your going to keep trying to make it happen. You might fail numerous times, but you must be persistent and intentional about getting better, growing, trying until it happens.

4. I want you know you’re not aline. You’re not the only one depressed and having anxiety attacks. I want you to know that you are so important, you have something so special within you, don’t let the anxiety have the power over your life. Take your medicine if you have it or You tell your mind to chill the f*ck out, and breath. Meditate! We are all going a million miles per hour and we have to remind ourselves to stop and just breath everything always seems to work itself out.

5. If you have something on your heart that is not going away, something you are passionate about, the thing you could do for hours and not get tired, whatever it may be.. close your eyes and visualize your life doing that, and realize that can be a reality for you. You can do it all .

6. Stop living in fear. Fear of the unknown is the worst. We have to understand that fear cannot hold is back from achieving whatever we set our mind too. You can’t reach purpose when you’re living in fear, you can’t live your best life or version of yourself in fear, the unknown probably has awesome things waiting just for you.

7. Recognize the habits you have good and bad. Becoming aware of what habits are holding you back, and making your life more stressful than easy and work on trying to break the bad ones.

8. Do not give up on your dream when it gets hard. I’m fighting for a dream just like you and so many others. I want to change lives. I may not be able to relate to everyone but if my words have given someone hope, or encouragement, or faith to keep going. I’m so good with that.

9. Be grateful for where you are. Who you are. Take a moment appreciate the things in this life we take for granted. Clean water. A job. Home. Car. Family. Friends. Food. Anything you are grateful for, it’s nice to wrtite it down daily . Remind yourself how blessed you are.

10. Love yourself , and don’t let anyone else validate you. They don’t define you. Also, your current situation does not define your destination. Have faith and surround yourself with positive affirmations.

11. Words are very powerful. Everything you say your brain takes literal. So please stop speaking of all the bad scenarios, and speak positive stuff instead.

12. Mentally tell yourself to stay focused all throughout the day.


Embrace your STORM

So many times I’ve been caught in a storm of emotions I can’t even handle, and when I’m going through something, it’s not so easy to hide but I am definitely one to try my best at holding it together so no one finds out. I can’t help but think of of the times I’ve cried in the rain, just like I’ve cried in the shower for a long g ass time because I couldn’t bare to do it in front of anyone, because I didn’t want to show my weakness, but I’ve come to realize over time… My circumstance does not define me or where I’m going in life. You can put me through hell and back cause I feel like I’ve already been there and I’m going to fight for my life, fight for my happiness because o deserve that. You deserve that. I wrote this simply because I needed to remind myself it’s okay to feel the feeling then let it go, Let it pass on by, yes it will throw me off track, yes it break me down, but not permanently… Only as long as o let it….and as long as Im able to express my pain , and stand firm in my faith.. I will always make it through the storms. embrace your storm, and wait for the call… Things will get better I promise

XO Audrey 🌹

Rambling just because

It’s a beautiful day today, I’m alive, and grateful for all that I have, and even for the things I don’t have just yet. The world needs to stop for a moment and take notice of the beauty in this world oppose to all the horrible things going on. When chaos arrives in your life, do you panic in one spot and let it torture you for as long as possible or do you strat to plot how you’re going to make it out? So many people are focused on negative energy rather than seeing the negative as an opportunity to make something positive. All the bad things going on in this world can be changed if everyone we’re to come in unity and mediate the situations were in, instead of pointing fingers and trying to dictate how one person’s perspective should be. There’s billions of perspectives we all have our own based off our experiences. Today I choose to take notice that there’s beauty in the storms we are in, we can all use one another to reach purpose. There’s beauty in the fact that someone who is just like you and me and change the world, voices are meant to be heard, people are meant to walk together in this life, we’re destined for greatness. Yet we take a look from the outside and decide we’re not qualified enough so our works won’t make a difference when even if you were to touch one life and help then you’ve already made a change worth all the work. You seem opposition, you should also see opportunity. Don’t let hate and confusion cloud the things in your heart you were put here to do. Take notice of things you aren’t satisfied with and get out there and start to make that change. Don’t take this beautiful day for granted, or this beautiful life you’ve been giving. Of your experiencing hard times, it’s preparing you for the next big thing coming. Don’t fear that, use it! Hope everyone had a great day and takes a moment to close their eyes and visualize the thing so close to your heart that brings you Joy and don’t be selfish with that amazing idea, bring it to life.

Xoxo Audrey 🌹